Integrating Your Agency Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing isn’t a new term to most public servants – whether they work in IT or not. But while most government employees have heard of cloud, fewer know all the benefits it can offer, why it’s necessary to meet mission objectives or – most importantly – how to incorporate it into agency processes and systems.

To learn how agencies are currently using cloud technologies, GovLoop surveyed over 65 federal government employees, including chief information, technology, and security officers, IT directors and program managers involved in cloud purchasing decisions. We also asked them how their agencies planned to leverage different cloud models and services as they move forward.

To analyze and offer context to those survey results, GovLoop interviewed three experts from General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT):

  • Ken Georgi, Vice President and General Manager of Civilian Solutions
  • Curt LeMar, Program Vice President of Cloud and Infrastructure
  • Srinivas Singaraju, Senior Director of Cloud and Infrastructure

GDIT is a systems integrator with over 50 years of experience in the public sector. In this research brief, Georgi, LeMar and Singaraju explain why many federal agencies are turning to integrators to successfully architect diverse cloud solutions.

The future of government will rely on cloud to provide scalability and agility in a secure way, without further straining technology, labor and budgetary resources. But to achieve those benefits, agencies can’t rely on single cloud solutions that apply a one-size-fits-all approach to unique needs. Instead, agencies must create unique architectures of hybrid and multi-cloud solutions.

This research brief explains how agencies are using cloud computing technology today and how, with the help of systems integrators, they can achieve better outcomes with smart cloud architectures.