IT Modernization in State and Local Government: What You Need to Know

Today, state and local governments are burdened with the growing cost and risk of aging technologies. CIOs and IT leaders must leverage emerging IT services and deployment models to modernize legacy applications, improve organizational performance and make progress toward digital transformation.

One of the main ways that IT shops are modernizing is by implementing cloud technologies. According to recent reports, about half of state and local agencies have integrated cloud into their strategies as of 2017. That’s not surprising. The benefits of cloud-driven IT modernization include regular and undisruptive upgrades, mobility for caseworkers and citizens and easier-to-use services.

The impetus for IT modernization is clear: improved productivity, efficiencies and services that all combine to better serve the public. This new pocket guide from GovLoop will give you an overview of IT modernization in state and local government, why it matters and how you can best leverage IT modernization. Additionally, we’ll use case studies and how-tos that will help you get to where you need to be today and in the future.