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Moving Federal Government Forward Securely With Data Protection

Federal government security has reached an inflection point – and not one that has resulted in a decline of data attacks. Data loss prevention (DLP), the traditional security system for protecting information, has tried to keep data safe in the past, but there’s a question as to whether it’s the best strategy to deal with a widening landscape of new risks.

As organizations move data to the cloud and federal regulations follow, data loss prevention has failed to adapt to the mobile era of today. As importantly, data loss prevention can bring productivity to a halt, especially in an environment where there are more drivers of data than ever. Agencies need a way to enable mobile, multiplatform workflows that are still secure – and today, data loss prevention falls short.

Fortunately, there are innovative technologies in the fight against network attackers and a new strategy that is suitable for today’s workforce. Dynamic Data Protection can pick up the slack where DLP lags.

To learn how modern data protection strategies can enable agencies and unburden security, GovLoop partnered with Forcepoint, a leader in delivering human-centric cybersecurity solutions, and Four Points Technology, an experienced government IT solutions provider. Reading this report, you’ll learn about how contemporary solutions can translate the positives of old security into the digital era.