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“Smart” Houses are here, is a “Smart” Government Next?

In 1951, author Ray Bradbury described the Happy-life Home in his short story, “The Veldt.” The home was filled with machines that do everything, from cooking meals to remotely locking doors and windows to heating and cooling the house based on the occupants’ desires. At the time, the story seemed like a futuristic sci-fi narrative, but now, more than 60 years later these futuristic technologies are becoming a reality. And now automated efficiencies like the Department of Agriculture’s RFID tags for tracking cattle are making a name for themselves in government.

In GovLoop’s latest industry perspective, iFuture: The Internet of Everything Has Arrived in Government, we look at how the IoE has transformed the way government operates.


In this report, we explain how Pegasystems technology is unlocking the power of data to show how intelligent business process management is changing the way government works. We share case studies of agencies that are using iBPM to improve. In addition, we speak with industry experts from Pega to explain how you can begin leveraging iBPM at your agency, including:

  • Dr. Setrag Khoshafian, Chief Evangelist and Vice President of BPM Technology at Pega.
  • Cathy Novak, Industry Principal for Pega’s Public Sector Business.
  • James Lawless, Account Executive, Federal Government for Pega.

Their message was clear: connected devices will be generating billions of data sets every day. The first state in understanding how to unlock the power of that data is explore how iBPM can transform you agency.

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