Operationalized Security for a Safer Government

There’s a common saying that if you build a 10-foot wall, someone will show up with an 11-foot ladder. Especially in cybersecurity, that idiom rings true. Even as organizations install new firewalls, patches and other network security tools, hackers are constantly developing new ways to infiltrate those defenses.

How is the government supposed to stay ahead of these increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks? In an interview with GovLoop, Tony Cole, Vice President and Global Government Chief Technology Officer at FireEye, explained that the answer lies in the concept of operationalized security.

FireEye provides a unified suite of defense solutions that helps organizations engrain security into every facet of their technology and operations. “Security can be very complex, but if you put the right policy, processes and tools in place, and continuously learn from that, you actually end up removing some of the complexity from that environment,” Cole said.

In this industry perspective, we’ll explore how to create those appropriate policies, processes and tools with the help of a trusted solutions provider. We’ll explain why agencies are currently struggling to counter advanced attacks, how they can learn from their environment and what they need to evolve their defenses. Finally, we’ll investigate how operationalized security can create a more secure government.

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