Readying Your Networks for Disruptive Technology

Across the federal government, agencies are realizing that modernizing IT is easier said than done. They are discovering that their legacy networks aren’t ready for cloud-based solutions and other transformative technologies. As a result, agencies are struggling to achieve organizational and mission success and citizens aren’t receiving the best possible user experience.

Thankfully, cloud-ready networks can accelerate IT modernization for agencies. Cloud-ready networks are IT systems built with cloud adoption in mind. By shifting their IT architectures so they’re cloud-ready, agencies can finish their digital transformations sooner, allowing them to net mission wins while improving the public’s user experience.

In three lessons, we’ll explain how your agency must address its people, work and technology to become cloud-ready. You’ll learn about the cloud models that cloud-ready networks enable. You’ll also hear about software-defined networking in a wide-area network (SD-WAN) and why it’s crucial for cloud-readiness. Finally, you’ll understand how you should secure cloud-ready networks and why they’re useful for other disruptive technologies.

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