The Time for Public Safety Digitization is Now

It’s no secret that the landscape of public safety and law enforcement in America is changing. Law enforcement agencies face a diverse set of threats and challenges, while at the same time providing support for humanitarian missions and disaster response in communities.

It’s not only the mission and threats that are evolving in the public safety landscape, however. Technology is swiftly changing and enabling law enforcement officials to better communicate, collaborate and connect – both internally among departments and externally with the citizens and communities they serve. But many agencies and departments are falling behind in adopting this necessary digital transformation, a fact that puts the very mission of public safety – and citizens’ lives – at risk.

To discuss why the digitization of public safety is at a critical turning point, GovLoop partnered with Cisco, a leader in information technology and networking, for this industry perspective. In the following pages, we’ll discuss what digitization means to law enforcement, benefits that public safety organizations and the public see when an organization is digitized, and solutions to help public safety departments transform digitally.