Transforming Agency Security with Identity & Access Management

The rampant increase in cyberattacks, mounting regulatory requirements, and the constant concern over insider threats mean that securing your agency’s resources is more important than ever. Yet at the same time, agencies face budgetary constraints, staff shortages, and a host of conflicting priorities that result in basic security protocols—things like ensuring users have appropriate access privileges and verifying that passwords are regulatory compliant—being neglected.

In a recent GovLoop survey of more than 250 federal, state, and local government employees, we found that the inability to create an effective identity and access management (IAM) system was a major challenge to many public sector organizations’ security efforts.

To discuss how agencies might tackle this dual challenge of security and fiscal restraints, we spoke with Dan Conrad, Identity and Access Management (IAM) Specialist at Dell. He explained how creating a holistic, automated, and centralized IAM system could actually save costs while increasing security at government agencies. This brief offers guidance on how to create such a system in the face of other agency challenges.

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