How an Identity-Centric Strategy Can Drive Government Security

Protecting your identity isn’t just for personal security – it’s essential for agencies to also implement effective identity management to secure their systems while supporting a seamless user experience. A coherent and deliberate approach to identity can help drive improved constituent engagements, meeting rising citizen expectations around their government encounters. Download this e-book to getRead… Read more »

6 Ways to Reduce Data Breach Risk

Data breaches can affect many people and damage the already fragile trust between an agency and its constituents. Although you can’t entirely eliminate cyber risk, you can reduce it. The key lies in understanding what data your organization needs to protect, where it’s stored and how it moves among your users, agencies and systems. InRead… Read more »

Cyber Resilience: 3 Tips to Prepare for the Worst

Ransomware is a more serious threat than ever, with cyber attacks becoming both more sophisticated and damaging. Government agencies need to ensure they can mitigate the risk of data loss and interruption to mission-critical operations. In this e-book, experts from both government and industry lay out a forward-looking vision in which modernized backup and recoveryRead… Read more »