Using Automation to Advance Federal Network Efficiencies

Every network deployed and maintained by the federal government today is brimming with data. A typical router, depending on how many interfaces it has, can generate millions of data points every few seconds. When you include all the routers, switches, servers, endpoints and devices attached to even a moderately-sized agency’s network, the number of potential data points being collected can reach into the millions, or even billions, every minute. Without an ability to analyze and act on it, all that data amounts to wasted potential insights for most agencies.

In this industry perspective, GovLoop partnered with Juniper Networks and Technica Corporation, leaders in advanced enterprise networking design and implementation, to discuss how automation can unlock the valuable information hidden in thousands of data points, leading to more data-driven decision making and rapid detection and resolution of network problems.

Want to learn more? Check out this 90-second video by Government Matters.