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The Virtual Training Playbook For Government

In the 1700s and 1800s, one-room schoolhouses were the norm. Students of varying ages and learning levels would sit together to be instructed by their teacher. A freshman in high school could share a desk with a fourth-grader. Being mostly rural, many schools had no water or sanitation. They used melting snow for water in the winter and relied on the help of nearby farms in the summer. During the winter months, the schoolroom would be freezing, and teachers would get there early to start a fire in a potbelly stove. Author Laura Ingalls Wilder made the one-room schoolhouse look quaint, but the learning environment was anything but.

Comparing the one-room schoolhouse to today’s virtual classrooms shows us that learning has come a long way, but some fundamental challenges haven’t changed. “Where my reason, imagination or interest were not engaged, I would not or I could not learn,” Winston Churchill wrote of his primary school experience.

Takers of today’s virtual training courses can likely relate, because often, the classes can be downright boring. Content is frequently presented tediously, the moderators like to impersonate Ben Stein’s vocal drone and the slide decks are covered in text. What’s the point of listening to the live training if you could just read the slide deck?

But virtual training sessions don’t have to be awful. In fact, they can be downright amazing. The key is how the information is presented. And that’s precisely why GovLoop and our partners have created our latest guide, The Virtual Training Playbook for Government.

In this playbook, we provide you with a framework to bring awesome online training programs to your agency. We break down the process of creating an online training into manageable components to help you understand how to make programs not only a reality at your agency, but a victory. This playbook will:

  • Show you how to create learning objectives so you can align your training goals and needs.
  • Help you identify and reach the target audience for your trainings.
  • Teach you how to create a memorable learning experience for your students.
  • Give you the right metrics for an online training.
  • Provide you with worksheets and activities designed to bring virtual training to your agency.
  • Share four government case studies and GovLoop’s online course-crafting strategies.
  • Highlight how the industry is using technology to create better online training solutions.

If you feel like your agency has been sitting on the sidelines, now’s your chance to get in the game. After you go through our playbook, you’ll be ready to bring virtual training to your agency.