Zero Trust: An Updated Approach to Agency Cybersecurity

What is Zero Trust? The internet was built on trust. Engineers assumed that only authorized users were on the newly created government and research network. As such, they focused most of the underlying protocols on functionality, not security.

The current reality requires a trust model that accepts the fact that agency networks no longer have defensible perimeters and that malicious actors can be inside the network using legitimate credentials in addition to outside threats.

Get your free copy of this new report to learn how a Zero Trust model can validate connections, track user and device activity and improve your agency’s overall cybersecurity.

In the report, you’ll also explore:

  • What Zero Trust is and¬†its usage in government based on a recent GovLoop survey.
  • How to overcome cybersecurity security challenges.
  • How a Zero Trust model can help improve cybersecurity even while employees work from home.
Author: Bill Jackson, Freelance Writer

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