Social Networking Worldwide – GovLoop talks to Ontario + OpsPedia

Spoke to today to the Province of Ontario via Skype about Govloop. My presentation is below.

Some cool notes
-Province of Ontario has its own collaboration site – OpsPedia – based on WordPress/BuddyPress. Biggest issue for them is getting resources to succeed (right now it’s a part-time/side project)
-Online consultation with citizens – required lots of approval, scared of special interest groups but never happened, the most effective marketing they did was to have the minister say to use the website in his speeches (traditional offline and other channels)
-Examples – FB Ontario Teaching Awards – http://www.facebook.com/ONteachingawards, People like case studies of social media
-People wondering what ROI of tools, what’s the best case to get tools unblocked, how to get privacy assessment, how to get approvals, when the official social media policy reached
-Lots of talk that the key is to focus on the mission and priorities and not just the tools

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