Success is That Easy

Since my last post discussed dealing with failure, I wanted to come back with a blog on success.

I once wrote a 800 word essay with tips for success for Gen Y. While it never came out (you can thank some merciless editors), I don’t think I need 800 words to summarize my article.

You can boil the essence of my argument in the following three tips:

1 – Do Good Work – The foundation of it all. Work hard, keep learning and good work will follow.

2 – Be Nice – Some people refer to this as networking. I say you should try to meet and be nice to as many people as people. You never know when they may be in a position to help you.

3 – Keep Up Appearances – Appearances matter. Model your dress and behavior of the successful people in your office. This includes everything from appropriate dress, lunch hours, behavior in meetings, and work hours.

Sound simple and it really can be. In later posts, I’ll give specific small tips for success.

What do you think are the keys to success in government?

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One of the things I’ve found to be successful is to stay in the same field but to be actively mobile throughout the United States. It’s worked for me and I’ve only been mobile between San Antonio, Fort Worth and Midwest City, OK. Soon, I’ll be headed for the D.C. area.