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10 Elements of Proper Data Management

In today’s world, data powers economic growth, enables the shared economy, creates new kinds of social interactions and delivers valuable business intelligence to organizations – all while driving increased productivity and efficiency. Analysis of data presents the opportunity to tackle some of the most challenging issues facing our society. It’s data that helps us understandRead… Read more »

Build a Strong Analytics Foundation at Your Agency

Imagine creating twice the amount of data of the entire printed collection of the Library Congress – every single day. That’s 19 terabytes of information – and it’s the amount that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA) collects and produces every 24 hours. With so much data at the agency’s disposal, they have anRead… Read more »

Overcoming Challenges: Making Big Data Stick at Your Agency

There’s no denying that big data is transforming the way which government operates. There are so many different applications and needs for big data analysis. The challenge of learning to manage the volume, variety and velocity of data is not going away anytime soon. In fact, this challenge is getting harder for agencies to tackle,Read… Read more »

Do You Know How Big Data Is Transforming the Business of Government?

There’s no question that big data is changing the way the government organizations do business. Although there are pockets of innovation, many agencies have yet to capitalize on the power of big data. The 3rd Annual Cloudera Federal Forum will be held February 6th, 2014. This event will bring together leaders from government and industryRead… Read more »