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New on Indian Kanoon: Sushant Sinha on Innovation and Free Law in India

Dr. Sushant Sinha‘s free access to law service for India, Indian Kanoon, is the subject of my new, in-depth article on, the Canadian legal blog. The article provides a great deal of detailed information about Indian Kanoon, including information on technology and open source, users and usage, business models and sustainability, partnerships, product differentiation,Read… Read more »

Sinha on Indian Kanoon, Free Legal Search Engine: The Genesis and the Legal Thirst

Dr. Sushant Sinha of Yahoo! India has posted Indian Kanoon: The Genesis and the Legal Thirst, on the VoxPopuLII Blog, published by the Legal Information Institute at Cornell University Law School. In this post, Dr. Sinha describes the origins and development of Indian Kanoon, the free legal search engine for India, for which Dr. SinhaRead… Read more »