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The Technology Council

A partnership between private companies and the government GovLoop community who are focused on researching, collaborating and enhancing technological solutions, processes and services.

Government 2.0 Club

Government 2.0 Club is an informal organization focused on convening the tribe of technologists and thinkers focused on applying social technologies to the governments worldwide.

MuniGov 2.0

MuniGov 2.0 is a coalition of local/municipal governments focused on exploring the use and principles of Web 2.0 in an effort to improve citizen services and communication via technology.

Open Source Software in Government

Open source software discussion in Gov, to include: – Free, libre, open source software – Creation of OSS by the gov – open standards.

Cloud Computing

A central point for collection of information as it relates to cloud computing in the government

Cyber Security Issues

A central point for collection of information that relates to computer security. Including, but not limited to, security advisories from the major vendors, major data breaches, “phishing” alerts, commentary regarding staffing levels. etc. etc.

Mobile Gov

Mobile Gov on GovLoop is from the Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies in the U.S. General Services Administration. We look forward to working with you to clear a path to citizen-centric mobile government info and services!

Web Metrics

Discussion group for Government Web Metrics/Analytics.

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