The Facebook Effect – Notes from David Kirkpatrick

I’m at GovDelivery Social Media Summit today and thought I’d live blog it.

David Kirkpatrick, the author of Facebook Effect, is speaking about the history based on his book where he wrote a real history of Facebook (not the movie script). It’s a cool story where he wrote the first big story on Facebook on Forbes in 2007 and got embedded within Facebook to write the book.

Facebook represents

-automation distribution

-viral distribution

-real identity


Even if Facebook died tomorrow, those trends would continue.

Zuckerburg has focus and conviction – why can’t they all be users of my system?

-Turned down Microsoft $15 billion cash, Mark could have walked out with $4 billion and still said no|

Concept of online becoming meaningless as with smart phones you are always online.

Only at extreme beginning of taking advantage of these trends

We are all producers. News feed is the idea that would be more useful than normal newspapers.

Every business has to change. It’s not just about collecting fans, you have to think about helping your customers in a fundamentally different way.

How do you recreate key processes? Former mayor of San Francisco thought could use Facebook authentication for drivers license renewal

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Some good questions:

-Govt agencies have been doing public comment for years. It’s not new – just new format

-How do you handle questions that come in so quickly? When often the social media lead doesn’t have subject matter expertise? And traditional process for approval take awhile?

Chris Poirier

Very interesting. (Again..wish I could be there!)

Of note, it’s interesting that the quote “real identity” was used in this talk today: Chris Poole Comments on Facebook/Google and Identity Just yesterday, Mashable posted the discussion from Chris Poole (4chan) on how Facebook and Google “don’t get identity”. Very interesting conversation.

That aside, I completely agree with the concept that the tools will come and go but the trends will continue on and only continue to evolve.