10 Ways to Optimize Facebook for Government – Notes from Adam Conner

Just heard Adam Connor, from the Washington Office of Facebook speak at GovDelivery Social Media Summit – hear are my quick notes with a full blog post coming later. Lots of great presentation and insights from Adam:

  1. Speak with an authentic voice
  2. Think about delivering your message
  3. Be timely and informative
  4. Multimedia
  5. Comment Policy
  6. Words can have power too
  7. Insights
  8. Facebook is more than just Facebook.com
  9. Secure you accounts
  10. Other Government Issues

– The world has gone social

– Borders being replaced with connections of people

– Web being built around people, today it is about discovery through social, more happening through mobile

– Information surrounds you, “social by design” – looking beyond mandate and focusing on sharing and distribution

– Example of Cityville, friends are their, so people join – simple site in terms of design

– Most trusted source of news comes from friends & family

– 66% of all government is using some form of social networking

– Engagement is important, average user has 130 friends

– 27 million people through one degree of separation

– People want to connect – how do agencies stay online and deliver government website, delivering the content they need at the right time through right medium

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