The Price of Hyperlinking

If you notice in this blog, I don’t hyperlink much. You know why – it’s the price of hyperlinking.

It takes time and often I write these blogs on airplanes when I don’t have wi-fi.

And every hyperlink takes time…and I’m focusing on sharing ideas.

But maybe I should hyperlink more…Thoughts?

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Ha….Thanks Vince.

It’s one of the tricks about blogging I find. It generally takes a lot more time than one thinks. Plus I find that hyperlinking is great but slows me down a lot.

Christina Evans

Hyperlinks in blogs annoy me — particularly if the blogger doesn’t provide at least a short synopsis of what the link is all about. Why should I spend my time chasing down a link just because the blogger said it was interesting?

Joey White

Nice Sam! I like hyperlinks assuming, like Christina pointed out, you know what you’re clicking through to. This is especially important with Twitter since shortened URL’s could link to literally anything. It’s especially relevant to know what you’re clicking to in the workplace, where a bad “joke” from a friend could leave you fired.

I will add, though, that I tend to prefer a mix of both original and linked material. Those who are exclusively linking material typically aren’t as good to follow.

Sam Allgood

I agree with Joey and Christina that I want to know something about the link referenced in a blog. I almost always provide a few key sentences or paragraphs from the original post to whet the appetite.

Normal linking doesn’t take a lot of time, especially with a good interface (like provided here in Ning) that will take care of the html/formatting for you. Doing something wacky like I did for fun takes a good while, especially since I had to get the generated comment numbers from each 🙂