Thoughts from ELC

Thoughts from ELC

A couple weeks back I went to the ACT/IAC Executive Leadership Conference in Williamsburg. It is arguably the premier federal IT conference of the year with over 800 people in attendance.

I spoke on two different panels related to collaboration, Gov 2.0, and Gen Y.

An interesting note from the questions was there was a lot of half-empty questions.
-What if we bring in talented Gen Yers and then they leave?
-What if we collaborate and we get lots of feedback?
-How am I supposed to collaborate when the rules aren’t set?

My answer is that we are in times of great change. We can not wait years for everything to be settled and all rules written.

Let’s take actions, move the ball forward, and use common sense.

It’s very grey right now. That can be scary. It is also a time of great opportunity.

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