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I love this because I think we often don’t spend enough time on what do citizens actually want (based on data, not just based on comments of the super engaged)


Below is some info that we received from Socrata about the most popular data sets from the open data portals that they have developed.

Be sure to check out the Chicago portal at . They have an
impressive number of open data sets (#2 is employees and compensation including Rahm Emanuel, the 2nd highest paid employee) with some ratherinteresting ones in the top 25. Hopefully this can get some ideas going in
terms of what is most valuable in terms of open data here in the Asheville area. Chime in and share your thoughts.

1. *Crime Data*: showing what happened, where and when | Examples:

2. *Restaurant Inspections*: NYT App:

3. *Permits and Licenses*: by type, location, date | several examples

4. *311 Data, current and historical*: Example: https://data

5. *Zoning Data*: School zones, police and fire, residential vs
business…etc. (preferably as boundaries on Socrata Atlas)

6. *Property Tax Data*: Should be geocoded, but this would be a good
start: https://data

7. *The Location of All City Resources on one interactive map* |
Something like this:

8. *Business Listings:* https://data

9. *Financial Transparency Data* – Multiple datastes here: Budget,
expenditures, revenues, city contracts. Example: http://data

10. *Performance Metrics*: something as simple as

11. + Any data that supports your city’s top initiatives and commitments.

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Chris Cairns

That’s awesome. Fairly easy to use site and fast. How about #24? Never would have thought of that as being an open data set, but hey, stops disease from spreading and unplanned births.