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Top 12 Tips for New Hires

So you just got your first government job?

You are all excited – new co-workers, new bosses, new coffee shop, new commute.

So how do you get going? There’s a great deal to consider for that first day, first week and even the first year.

Here is our 12 tips from our New Hire Handbook (download here and below for full description)

  1. Dress for Your Success

  2. Get a Handle on Your Inbox, From the Beginning

  3. Cut Out the Clutter and Keep Your Desk In Order

  4. Keep Up Your Productivity Levels With Successful Time Management

  5. Get to Know Your Colleagues and Let Them Get to Know You

  6. Find a Mentor, They Can Help You Succeed

  7. Keep Your Network Growing

  8. Don’t Abuse Your Contacts

  9. Face-to-Face Meetings Are Mandatory and Fulfilling

  10. Find Your Work Friend

  11. Give Thanks Where Thanks is Due

  12. Don’t Let Acquaintances Become Old

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