Top 5 Awesome Cyber Women

It’s here, it’s here! October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month which means that we get to spend the month with an extra focus on cool cyber practices. The following list highlights women from all over government who are particularly active in designing and implementing cyber best practices in order to keep our nation and its systems safe and secure.

  1. Donna Dodson, Deputy Cybersecurity Advisor, NIST

Why she’s awesome: Dodson has taken a collaborative approach to implementing cybersecurity and privacy standards. As a result, she has focused on integrating people, processes and technology into cybersecurity best practices. Dodson’s work emphasizes the importance of including people who understand the technology to best achieve cybersecurity.

  1. Beth Cobert, Acting Director, OPM

Why she’s awesome: After two major breaches at OPM, Cobert made cybersecurity the number one priority at the agency. Since the announcement of the breaches, she has reorganized the IT department to foster increased security and oversight of IT processes across OPM. Additionally, Cobert has worked tirelessly to foster a culture of communication to overcome future cyber challenges.

  1. Donna Bennett, Chief Information Security Officer, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Why she’s awesome: Bennett spearheaded efforts to consolidate and secure programs across FEMA by testing for holes and evaluating cyber awareness at the agency. She has also worked to bring context to cybersecurity and make it tangible to agency leadership, keeping those who rely on the security of IT out of harm’s way.

  1. Randi Kieffer, Chief Information Security Officer, Transportation Security Administration CISO, TSA

Why she’s awesome: At TSA, Kieffer oversees a $30 million IT budget, cybersecurity outreach programs and IT security training efforts to prevent outside attacks. Additionally, she is participating in Senior Executive Service candidate training and serving a detail to DHS as a cybersecurity adviser to the deputy undersecretary of the National Protection and Programs Directorate.

  1. Tonya Manning, Director of Cybersecurity and CISO, Department of Labor

Why she’s awesome: At the helm of DoL’s cyber efforts, Manning has focused on optimizing the department’s enterprise risk management framework. Despite resource constraints, she has worked to implement two-factor authentication, mobile strategies and continuous monitoring programs across DoL.

The landscape of cybersecurity wouldn’t be the same without these women working tirelessly to make it more efficient and effective. Don’t see your favorite cyber lady on this list? Let us know in the comments who they are and why their awesome so we can celebrate all the women making an impact on cybersecurity!


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