Top 5 Ways to Use “Use or Lose” Time


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Top 5 Ways to Use “Use or Lose” Time

So it’s end of the year and you have “use or lose” vacation time that you have to spend or it goes away. Here’s 5 ways to optimize the time

1) Take an hour off every other day – Show up to work an hour later every other day and use the time to work out at gym nearby the office or at home. Helps solve holiday weight gain and makes day fly by.

2) Take every Wednesday off – Never work more than 2 days in a row….Awesome!

3) 4-day weekends – If you are on a 5/4/9 schedule and get every other Friday off, combine it with use or lose for a series of 4-day weekends and short trips

4) Epic vacation – If you really have it made, go all European on us and take a huge vacation. Take Thanksgiving to end of the year off. That would be awesome.

5) Give back –Donate some of the use or lose time to people in need. Be good. Lots of people at your agency run into problems and need help.

You? How have you maximized “use or lose”?

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Terrence (Terry) Hill

I like number 5 the best. It’s a shame that some forfeit excess leave while others are in need of a little assistance. It would also be nice to take time off to volunteer in the community.

Nichole Henley

Haven’t made it this far yet. I’ve had some major milestones since my four years with the fed government: married (aka HONEYMOON!!!), move to DC (need I say more?), and birth of my son. The fed gov’t is GREAT for young folks in that respect. I was able to keep my personal life AND keep my job and paychecks flowing meanwhile. Awesome!

Henry Brown

Another “trick” that I will use is extend the holiday(s) breaks

Have used the Epic vacation for the past 3 or 4 years… Epic vacations do not need to include trips to Europe what with so many great places to see here in the Good Ole US of A… recent 30 day vacations have included “leaf peeping trip” to the smokey mountains, leaf peeping trip to New England, a drive the full length of the Mississippi River,