April 14 – DoD’s Software Enterprise Needs to Become Composable: Find Out How and Why

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Today, software enables the Department of Defense’s (DoD) mission-critical capabilities and its ability to sense, share, integrate, coordinate, and respond. This software drives weapon systems; command, control, and communications systems; intelligence systems; logistics; infrastructure, and business systems – it’s an enabler and a big target for cyberattacks.

To enhance security, defense agencies must address their legacy portfolio of monolithic ERP and related applications. They need to take a more agile approach to ERP — what’s known as composable ERP. With this approach, rather than building software from scratch, agencies can quickly assemble and combine existing capabilities to deliver new outcomes.

Join us online for a quick 45-minute chat to learn what DoD leaders must do to implement the “composable enterprise” and deliver capabilities that enable the enterprise, business, mission and combat organizations to survive and thrive during the great power competition.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • The challenges and risks of the current DoD software ecosystem and the misconceptions that business systems are not capability delivering systems.
  • How Composable ERP works, and why it might be the best bet to rapidly integrate, modernize, secure and continuously improve the DoD Software Ecosystem.
  • Real stories from leaders who are exploring a shift from ERP next to Composable ERP.

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