Becoming a Modern Government: The Value of Mobile

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Technology has changed and will continue to change the way government reaches out and communicates with citizens. Gone are the days when faxing forms to a central government office was the norm. Now citizens want quick and reliable services at their fingertips, on any device they choose. And they want their government agency to send out alerts and notices in a similar fashion. For example, police departments regularly tweet out traffic jams, road closures and updates on ongoing incidents like snow removal or a water main break.

And it’s not just citizens either, government employees’ productivity depends on real-time access to data in the field. Field employees want access to their information any where, any time and on any device. The internet of things and digital transformations are making this possible.

Some government agencies have been quick to adapt to the changing digital environment, but many are still struggling to make the change. Join our on-demand training where we will discuss how agencies can improve digital services and invest in mobile solutions.

Specifically you’ll learn:

  • Best practices for engaging and communicating with citizens in real-time.
  • Why agencies are pushing for more automation and transparency in their field organizations.
  • How agencies are investing in mobility to provide better services.
  • How the Internet of Things is playing a critical role in the evolution of citizen services and field services.