Case study cover for "How a Tribe-Run Casino Unleashed the Power of Its Data."
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Navigating Technological Growth

Technology modernization is a near-constant struggle for many public sector organizations, and the Poarch Band of Creek Indians in Atmore, Alabama, were no exception.

Wind Creek Hospitality (WCH) which manages the tribe’s gaming facilities, wanting to diversify into commercial gaming and social gaming platforms, realized it needed to evolve its technology capabilities to deliver richer customer experiences.

During WCH’s transition over to new technology, including adopting a modernized data platform, it discovered three ways to make the overall path to change go more smoothly:

1. Thorough assessments. You can’t know where the challenges lie or how to prioritize addressing them without fully understanding the situation.
2. Make documentation part of your delivery. By not waiting until the end of the project to record what was changed and built, knowledge transfer can happen in near real time.
3. Embrace infrastructure as code. Treat data as code and use infrastructure as code in development environments and quality assurances phases, in addition to production.

For more ways to make change easier in your agency, download this quick case study, “How a Tribe-Run Casino Unleashed the Power of Its Data.”

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