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Building the Public Sector Workforce of the Future

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For years government experts have forecasted the retirement tsunami when all the baby boomers would start to retire, and now it seems like the forecasts are coming true. This retirement tsunami will bring record numbers of employees who are headed into retirement, which leaves a huge vacuum of knowledge and insider information across public sector industries, including federal, state and local, healthcare, authorities, and K-12.

How can agencies bridge the knowledge gap and hire and retain top talent?

Join us on Thursday, April 19th at 2 pm ET/11am PT as we share insights and best practices into the science behind hiring and retaining the right candidates for the right positions to help reduce turnover and fill open positions.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • How agencies can save time and resources by modernizing back office tasks like human capital management.
  • How to select, retain and develop employees, as well as build a pipeline of candidates, with behavioral and performance data.
  • How to use data analytics to link behavior to real business outcomes, reducing turnover and minimizing the time and cost of recruiting.
  • How agencies can grow the 10 percent of the workforce that is under 30 years of age.