Why Business Data Accuracy is Important for Gov

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We know governments at all levels have terabytes of data and some of the data is based upon self-reported information by businesses and/or business owners. However, figuring out how best to use that data to effectively verify businesses, investigate businesses for fraud, waste and abuse or any suspicious activities can be a bit challenging.

But what if federal agencies could ‘break through the noise’ by using big data, analytics and business network intelligence to quickly verify businesses that apply for grant programs or to help perform the business due diligence and evaluate potential risks behind the vendor’s or contractor’s within your network. Effective business data accuracy and discovery tools have the power to increase accountability and reduce risk.

Join us on-demand, for an interactive online training on how agencies can transform the way they think about business data accuracy.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of business risk assessment (i.e. checking vendor integrity from a grant, contract, or acquisition perspective).
  • How agencies can start breaking down data silos to improve business data accuracy which is critical for overall agency security and success.
  • Why an agency should validate business data with a multi-layered approach to help verify where the business is located, if it’s active, and other key details to quickly verify business and identity records to help flag risky, suspicious behavior or ultimately eliminate improper payments.