Cloud is Not New: What’s Next for Cloud in the Public Sector

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You’ve probably heard the term low-hanging fruit before. But if you haven’t, the idea is that when handling a difficult project, you do the easy things first. For example, when the White House mandated a Cloud First Policy back in 2011, agencies first transitioned email and other non-critical applications over to the cloud. However, now that all the “low-hanging” fruit are moved to the cloud, agencies are now wrestling with moving larger and more complex business systems – think large human resources and accounting systems – to the cloud. All of this movement to the cloud is being done in large part because agencies want to update legacy systems and become more digitally savvy.

The transition to the cloud is also made more difficult because government must follow strict security and privacy rules like FedRAMP. So how can agencies follow a cloud-first model, while still being efficient and without disrupting critical processes? And why are moving these systems to the cloud even necessary in the first place? How does the cloud impact true digital transformation?

Join us for an on-demand training as we uncover how business applications can be improved by moving to the cloud.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • How FedRAMP and other requirements are impacting the government’s transition to the cloud.
  • The biggest roadblocks that agencies face when moving large business systems to the cloud.
  • How these digital transformations at the federal level eventually impact state and local government’s efforts to digitally transform.