What Does a Connected Government Look Like?

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There are billions of connected devices in the world right now. Smartphones that order food, request rides, make calls and even perform basic banking functions. But what if these connected devices could also solve many of your seemingly unmanageable challenges like transportation and traffic? With the Internet of Things (IoT) you can fundamentally change the way your government operates to make a positive impact on your community’s security and operations.

State and local governments across the nation are already seeing benefits from digital transformation and investment in IoT. But how about yours? Are you still wondering how your community can join this digital revolution? If so, join us for an on-demand training as we share best practices for securely digitizing your community.

Specifically, you will learn:

  • How to invest in IoT in a secure and safe fashion that lets you protect data and user privacy.
  • The many challenges governments just like yours face when investing in digital solutions – and specific steps you can take to overcome them.
  • What Connected Transportation really looks like and what the future holds for it.