Cybersecurity Pioneers: Discovering Government’s Threat Hunters

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Cybersecurity threat hunters. The description sounds like something out of a sci-fi novel. But these specialists and their technologies are real, and they comb networks to actively hunt potential cyber criminals and uncover threats. Capable threat hunters are becoming more critical within cybersecurity teams because of the huge growth in volume of data to analyze, yet simultaneous need to mitigate any threats as quickly as possible – in government the cyber threat hunter’s role is increasingly pivotal in shaping agencies’ overall approach to cybersecurity.

Join GovLoop, Splunk and government experts on-demand as we share how agencies can take advantage of new technologies and roles to make their digital environments more secure.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • How threat hunters can transform the way government agencies think about cybersecurity by determining what threats matter the most to that organization, what to look for, and using analytics-based techniques to focus their efforts on finding evidence of those specific issues.
  • The challenges and solutions to implementing threat hunting as an operational process to support your agency’s cybersecurity mission.
  • How governments can create a culture of increased cybersecurity awareness and take a more proactive approach that isn’t intimidating.