Delivering Personalized Content is Not As Hard As You Think

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Who doesn’t want their content and digital experiences to be seamless – and built just for them? The public sector has made huge strides in building digital services, but it is still working hard to make their online and digital experiences customer-centric.  Government leaders have recognized there is a need to create multi-channel, digital experiences that are tailored and personalized to everyone they engage and communicate with. And the audience, both internal and external to government organizations, have high expectations: eighty-one percent of consumers believe government should be using technology to improve the functionality of online services, like personalization.

Citizens and government employees alike want seamless digital services experiences.  Offering this capability helps create better processes, increases operational efficiency and most importantly, a better digital journey for everyone.

To help you understand how government can personalize content and engage with citizens and employees, join our on-demand training on why personalized content matters.

Specifically, you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand what information your citizens and employees want, and how they interact with your agency.
  • Determine if citizens receive a consistent experience across all agency channels.
  • Measure your customer satisfaction as it pertains to specific services and programs.
  • Train employees to use feedback to improve services, programs and overall agency efficiency.