DorobekINSIDER Live: Cha-Cha-Changes at the DoD

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Three million plus personnel, across 24 timezones and cyberspace, using millions of tools and technology – the sheer scope of the Department of Defenses’ mission is almost incomprehensible.

Add in the pressure of rapidly mounting, evolving threats and the challenge of keeping up-to-date and competitive seems impossible. As systems, technologies, and even the battlefield evolve, the DoD is forced to innovate—and innovate faster than any of its agency counterparts.

Additionally, any modifications to strategy or operations will have to be comprehensive and scalable. In order to accomplish real change, DoD will dedicate significant resources to overhauling every component of its organization.

Join this on-demand training as our panel of government experts discuss innovations at the Department of Defense.

Speakers include:

Zina Merritt, Director of Defense Capabilities and Management Issues, GAO

Hannah Moss, Researcher & Writer, GovLoop


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