DorobekINSIDER LIVE: Should You Be Dating Data?

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Every day it seems like there’s a new online dating site geared towards a very specific audience. A dating site for farmers? Yes, it exists. A matchmaking app for individuals over 50? Yup, it’s real.

The reason these niche online sites exists? Because data has shown there is an audience for them.

The government is trying to get into the data game, too. They’re using their vast data sets (seriously – the government owns more data than anyone in the world) to make better and more informed decisions.

But parsing through exabytes of data is not an easy task. DorobekINSIDER Live is now available on-demand, where you can hear our experts share strategies for implementing a big data framework at your agency.

Specifically, in this on-demand training we discuss:

  • – past, present and future
  • Gov examples of where big data policies have been implemented effectively.
  • Predictions on the next wave of big data implementations.
  • Who should be on your big data team.

Finding the perfect match on a dating site can be daunting, but there are success stores – and lots of them, if you believe the E-Harmony and commercials. Government, too, could soon find itself in a serious relationship with data.

Speakers include: 

Rebecca Williams, Senior Engagement Liason, at GSA

Patrick Fiorenza, Senior Research Analyst, GovLoop


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