DorobekINSIDER Live: Get on the Everything-as-a-Service Train

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A few years ago deploying a new system meant months of preparation, installation and troubleshooting. Not anymore. Now, you can initiate a new IT system in a couple of minutes, through a quick internet search an an even quicker download from the cloud. This new model is called everything-as-a-service (XaaS) and it’s rapidly changing the way organizations buy and utilize applications to fulfill their mission

But since it is rapidly changing, it is often difficult to understand. Join thisĀ on-demand training as Chris Dorobek and his panel of experts share the implications of using the cloud in this rapid-access model. Specifically, you will learn:

  • The adaptability, efficiency and cost effectiveness of the XaaS model.
  • How cloud service models can help you elevate your agency’s performance.
  • Agency concerns about data privacy that come with any cloud deployment.
  • How to use the cloud in a way that reaps the benefits of service without compromising your data, processes or security.

By explaining the basics of the XaaS models and highlighting case studies from the public sector, Chris Dorobek and his panelists will give you a framework to consider effective cloud service model implementation at your agency.

Speakers include:

  • Richard A. Beutel, Senior Advisor & Counsel for Acquisition Policy House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform
  • Sean Herron, Product Lead and Developer, 18F
  • Dan Mintz, Former Transportation Department CIO, current President & Executive Director, Advanced Mobility Academic Research Center
  • Hannah Moss, Research Analyst, GovLoop

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