DorobekINSIDER Live: The Who, What and Why of Joint Information Environment (JIE) Framework

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In December 2012, the Department of Defense developed the Joint Information Environment (JIE) framework in an effort to increase collaboration between departments while reducing the cyberthreat landscape.

It is an ambitious multiyear effort that will change the way DoD networks are constructed, operated and defended.

In our recent DorobekINSIDER Live we discussed:

  • What exactly the JIE is and why it is important.
  • DoD’s vision for the JIE framework.
  • How JIE will remove barriers to information sharing and simplify DoD infrastructure.
  • Next steps and future implications of JIE.
  • What other agencies can learn from DoD’s efforts.

Our expert panel included: 

  • Moderator: Chris Dorobek, Host of the DorobekINSIDER Live
  • USAF Brigadier General Brian T. Dravis, Chief, Joint Information Environment Technical Synchronization Office
  • USAF Colonel Daniel Liggins, Vice Director, Joint Information Environment Technical Synchronization Office
  • Henry Seinkiewicz, Former Vice Chief Information Assurance Executive, Defense Information Systems Agency
  • Pat Fiorenza, Senior Research Analyst, GovLoop

Read the recap here.