Gone Agile: How Government Can Meet Citizens’ Rising Expectations

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Think of your recent experience buying something from Amazon. It was quick, intuitive, and most importantly, you got what you wanted without much effort (you may have even bought something you weren’t planning on, but it came recommended!). Now think of your recent experience with a government organization. Did that experience match your expectations? Unfortunately, the answer is probably no. One of the biggest challenges facing governments at all levels is transforming existing operations and applications to meet new citizen expectations. Traditional approaches to application development cannot keep pace. However, a business process management (BPM)-based application platform allows government organizations to rapidly deliver more agile and adaptive applications that leverage common services (process, rules and data) for a consistent and optimal user experience across multiple apps. Win win right? This training session will focus on the benefits of being agile.

Specifically, you’ll learn how to:

  • Utilize Agile methodologies to create continuous value for your agency and the citizens you serve.
  • Build intuitive and natively mobile applications for rapid adoption and increased citizen engagement.
  • Maximize the benefits of BPM including closing the productivity gap and easing your agency’s IT burdens.
  • Overcome common roadblocks of application development via government experts.


Tim Nolan: Senior Applications Manager, Collin County, Texas

Lizzie Epstein: Director of Application Platform Marketing, Appain