Good to Great: How Operational Intelligence Can Drive Mission Success

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Every public sector organization, from federal to state and local agencies to higher education institutions, strives to operate effectively, efficiently and securely. While their focus has been on security, they are renewing their focus on IT Operations.

A recent survey of 600 professionals across the public sector highlighted the fact that while a majority believed that operational insights were critical to mission success they were struggling to gain the visibility needed to resolve issues before they adversely impacted the agency.

Listen to our on-demand training where we discuss the importance of Operational Intelligence, challenges to harnessing it, and how your agency can benefit from it.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

·      What is Operational Intelligence and what it means to IT Operations

·      The challenges public sector organizations face in deriving real-time insights and what they are doing to overcome them

·      Investments public sector organizations are considering for the future and why