Gov Makes CX a Priority

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For years you’ve heard about the value of good customer experience (CX). You’ve heard how by engaging with citizens digitally and in real-time, federal, state, and local governments not only improved services, but gleaned actionable insights from citizens to improve processes. However, for many agencies and leaders, improving CX remains a low priority.

In fact, in a recent GovLoop survey, only 56% of respondents said CX was a priority across all departments in their agency. The good news is that mindset is changing as technology advances and citizens’ demands increase. Agencies are now able to show real return on investment on customer experience initiatives to their agency.

Join us on Thursday, October 12th, at 2pm ET as we hear from government and industry experts about the importance of improving CX in government and how to make the business case for customer experience investments at your agency. We’ll also reveal survey results from your government peers on how CX ranks as a priority at their organizations and how they’re measuring the impact of customer experience.

Specifically you’ll learn:

  • How governments of all levels can improve CX.
  • Tips for making CX a priority for your agency leadership.
  • How to overcome legacy infrastructure challenges and implement new customer experience solutions.