Feb. 7 – How DoD Can Improve Readiness

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The future military operating environment will be more complex than ever. The Defense Department manages simultaneous operations, often from smaller dispersed bases, in increasingly contested and denied environments. In addition, each military service plans for logistics materiel, independent of the others, with no global visibility into resource location, status or potential demands against it. So, what can be done?

Join us on Thursday, February 7 from 2-3pm ET/11am-noon PT to learn how cloud-based platforms can deliver global synchronization of assets and capabilities to help DoD achieve new military readiness standards.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • The current state of DoD logistics materiel information systems.
  • How difficult it is for operational planners to rapidly identify, prioritize and allocate materiels against the highest risks or the greatest needs.
  • Why DoD needs an enterprise platform that considers both operational and mobile logistics requirements.
  • The benefits of a cloud-based platform that can provide timely visualization and modeling of logistics data.


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