How Government Can Deal with Big Data

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Government organizations collect, process, and disseminate vast quantities of internal and external information. And, regardless of mission, they all share the challenge of extracting value from data in a way that leads to new or improved services, better decision-making and policy development.

In the era of big data, the traditional model of a relational database management system (RDBMS) bolted to a search engine or a specific client-server application won’t help your organization overcome that challenge. It simply takes too much time and money to integrate and model all of the data types for delivery over the many platforms today’s users require.

Government organizations need new generation technologies to deal with big data – for example, technologies that can allow them to:

  • Load and manage a wide variety of data, content, and metadata (structured, unstructured, temporal, geospatial, semantic, etc)
  • Ensure both the integrity and the security of the data
  • Get information to people faster
  • Run on any type of cost-effective hardware, from laptops or servers to Virtual Machines and Clouds
Stephen Goldsmith: Daniel Paul Professor of the Practice of Government, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Director of the Innovations, American Government Program
Kevin Morgan: Senior Technical Director, MarkLogic
Anthony Fung: Deputy Secretary of Technology, Commonwealth of Virginia