Improving the Citizen Experience through Employee Engagement: A Win-Win for Everyone

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In a recent GovLoop customer experience survey, 45% of respondents said their customer experience is either not good or needs improvement. And nearly 93% said they do see improved internal employee engagement as a key factor in improving customer experience and engagement. So, what is the correlation between customer experience and employee engagement?

The internet, mobile devices, and swaths of data have dramatically changed the way citizens interact with the government – as well as the way employees of the government operate. In order to meet rising citizen demands as well as do their jobs more efficiently, the public sector needs employees that are engaged and able to quickly anticipate and service citizen’s needs. By providing employees with the tools and information they need to effectively do their jobs, agencies can improve citizen experiences and employee engagement.

However, creating this seamless integration can be challenging.

Join us on-demand as we unveil best practices for creating a more perfect customer and employee experience.

Specifically you’ll learn:

  • Best practices to improve employee engagement from the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity.
  • Samples of a recent survey on government customer experience and employee engagement – and what that means for your agency.
  • The associated citizens and agency benefits – from improved staff retention to lower total cost – of improved employee engagement.
  • How technology can boost employee engagement and enable better citizen experiences.