March 14 – Responding to Humans in Crisis: New Tools to Reduce Homelessness

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Reducing homelessness is top of mind for governments and not-for-profit organizations. This pressing social issue requires the support and attention of multiple disciplines ranging from health, human service, law enforcement, and public works just to name a few.

But in order to make progress addressing homelessness, gov needs accurate data collection, strong collaboration tools, advanced analytics for improved planning and response as well as applications to help keep the public informed.

Geographic information system (GIS) tools have emerged as an important technology in responding to the homelessness crisis. Esri introduced solutions such as the mobile point-in-time count application that improves the accuracy and completeness of volunteer-collected data, applications such as bed management help move individuals to shelters quicker, and operations dashboards provide a window into how effective efforts are.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • Free tools that can be deployed immediately.
  • How your government peers are using the power of location in their response to homelessness.
  • How to use effective storytelling to educate the public and policymakers.

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