March 23 – 7 Perspectives on Transforming Government

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Modernization is more than just plugging in a new computer. It’s about changing the way that government workers operate to be more effective, secure, transparent and robust.

Join us online for this free, all-day virtual summit where you’ll explore the groundwork on barriers for modernization, how the workforce is preparing, how crisis can enable transformation and the new tech that is enabling change.

You’ll also hear from federal, state, local government and industry leaders about how they are solving modernization challenges by breaking down the red tape and norms that prevent true transformation.

You’ll be free to come and go from the summit as you please!

Our speakers will answer these three questions and many more:

  • How did gov get here and what were the pain points that led to the current state of affairs?
  • What can and should the government be doing to tackle IT modernization?
  • Beyond technology, how can agencies modernize their workforce, policies and procedures to make these changes stick?

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