May 19 – Fireside Chat: Equity and Transformation: Improving Public Services for All Communities

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For true government transformation to occur, equity needs to be a central component of the rollout. The federal government found “the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has revealed deep-seated inequities in health care for communities of color.” And you can exchange “health care” with “education,” “housing,” “business financing” or other benefits and services that have not played out equitably across communities.

In many of these cases, technology has been critical for scaling solutions — from website rollouts to expanded online services to empowering government employees with modern secure tools to fight this nation’s deeply rooted challenges. Specifically, we’ve seen an acceleration in the use of secure cloud-based technologies to transform how services are delivered during the pandemic.

Join us online to learn from government and industry experts on how agencies can apply a new cloud tools and perspective, one of equity that looks at problem-solving with this in mind:

  • The biggest barriers facing true transformation in government., like security, privacy and legacy systems.
  • Success stories from government agencies that have implemented digital solutions that reached all communities.
  • How the cloud and digital services can be used to modernize outdated systems in an equitable way.

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