Stopping Insider Threats with Effective Security Solutions

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In 2016, government agencies are exposed to a greater volume and variety of attacks than ever before. And they can come from within the organization, whether malicious or not. In open, multi-perimeter enterprises, it’s important that organizations have the ability to manage user accounts, including privileged users, across different environments. It’s also essential that you are protecting your sensitive data within your databases and continuously monitoring unauthorized access to high-value databases. In order to meet security regulations and discourage insider threats, government needs security solutions that can quickly and accurately determine who did what and when.

There is a solution. Join us On-Demand our experts as we discuss the importance of a comprehensive strategy to reduce insider threats and secure your sensitive data. Specifically, you will learn:

  • The evolution of threats and why it’s so important to know who has access to what and when
  •  Why it is critical to harden your data infrastructure to ensure your databases, a primary target of hackers, are protected
  •  Best practices to help improve your identity management system to ensure better security, efficiency and compliance
  •  How government agencies are implementing technologies to help audit and track privileged users and monitor their sensitive data
  •  How IBM’s suite of solutions and expertise can help you depict situational awareness and identify critical anomalies based on sensitive identities and sensitive data.

The risks associated with poor governance of user identities and access privileges at government agencies are high. Register for this free training to learn from government and industry experts how best to protect your agency.