Cloud Content Management at the Center of Government Modernization Excellence

Government agencies are facing ever increasing challenges to modernize and engage with citizens and stakeholders through digital channels. But you can’t just flip a switch to become a digital government. Change like that takes new tools, new processes and a new way of thinking. Essentially, you need to transform the way you work. But with… Read more »

Reaching New Heights: Accelerating Your Mission-Critical Projects to the Cloud Securely

Cloud computing is a transformational technology, with the power to fundamentally change the way government manages, stores and offloads data. However, knowing the capabilities of the cloud is only half the process. The next phase is all about implementation, migration and management. And that’s where things can get complicated. New cybersecurity mandates, the Modernizing Government… Read more »

NextGen Summer Social

Here in Washington, D.C., you probably get inundated with invitations to networking events every week. We’re here to break that cycle and invite you to what is not just another networking event. The NextGen Summer Social is so much more. Join us on Thursday, June 21 from 5-8pm at Buffalo Billiards to connect and socialize… Read more »

The Value of Engaged Learning in Design for Public Sector Innovation

Across government, there is a growing appetite for human-centered design and design thinking, especially given its buzz related to public sector innovation. As different parts of the government are exploring how to bring that capability in-house, many are exploring different approaches to design education programming that incorporate engaged learning methodologies. If you have ever wondered… Read more »

Cloud and Cyber Combine to Protect Gov Data

For the past decade, we’ve been talking about how cloud technologies can revolutionize the way government works – from improving efficiency to storing data. While the cloud has delivered many benefits to government, it has also brought new challenges. Agencies must always be thinking about security. In an effort to streamline and ensure consistent security,… Read more »

Safe Communities – How GIS Can Help Respond to the Opioid Epidemic

More Americans die every year from drug overdoses than they do in car crashes – and most of those overdoses involved opioids. The escalating opioid epidemic is just one of many serious health threats that are impacting communities all over the country. Fortunately, geographic intelligence can help communities address severe health threats like the opioid… Read more »

What Do You Mean? How to Communicate Effectively

We all know how important effective communication is in the workplace, yet it still remains one of the areas where we all, admittedly, could use improvement. So how can you take the first step to improve communication in order to lead more effectively and strengthen your professional relationships? Join GovLoop on Thursday, November 2nd, from… Read more »