What’s Your Information Governance Strategy?

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The Presidential Directive for Records Management mandates that all Federal agencies will manage records in an accessible electronic format by 2019, and specifically all email by 2016. Today’s rapid pace of data growth presents new and unique legal and technology challenges throughout the public sector. This impacts not only organizational ability to achieive compliance, but also strains budget resources and complicates the task of securing information. Some speculate that establishing a good “information governance” plan is the only way to address these challenges, yet the term “information governance” is ill-defined and means different things to different people.

Register for the on-demand training to learn strategies to achieve Records Management compliance and guidance for organizing key information governance stakeholders so that your organization can begin to identify and address many of the top challenges facing pubic sector leaders today.

Speakers include: 

  • Matthew Nelson, Attorney and Information Governance authority, Symantec
  • Hannah Bergman, Assistant general counsel, National Archives

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